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    • 0.06-11kW, EPAct Rated, Three Phase (TEFC)
    • 品牌:???wonder


      JF series centrifugal pumps with single impeller are able to offer high flow rate , and provide smooth , non-pulsating delivery , and regulate the flow rate on a large scale without damaging the pumps. For the correct tunctioning of the pumps , transport clean water or non-aggressive liquid charged with small solid impurities. They are used in flow irrigation system , gardening , agriculture irrigation , and industrial fitting.

      Max. Head up to 95 ft.

      Flow rate up to 55 USGPM.

      Pump body : Cast Iron.

      Impeller : PPO+Brass nut.

      Mechanical sea l: Carbon/ceramic.

      Total suction lift up to 8m.

      Inlet and outlet : NPT threads.

      Single phase motor with start/run capacitor , ODP.

      S1 Continuous work.

      Motor housing : Rugged steel.

      Shaft : 2Cr13.

      Insulation : class F.

      Protection : IP22.

      Medium Temperature : ≤60℃.

      Ambient Temperature : ≤40℃.