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    • 0.06-11kW, EPAct Rated, Three Phase (TEFC)
    • 品牌:???wonder


      Designed for residential use , including industrial water supply by boosting main pipeline , farmland irrigation and etc. It adopt convertible diffuser parts design , and can be used on shallow or deep well adaptor , nozzle , venture , gasket , bolts and drain plug , and Deep well package may choose twin pipe or packer system. It can be regarded as a centrifugal pump when diffuser parts are removed . S1 working system with lower noise , little vibration , longer life cycle , more safety , and convenient in use.

      Flow rate up to 26 USGPM.

      Head up to 190 ft.

      NEMA Standard single-phase motor with start/run capacitor , 60 Hz , 3450 RPM.

      Pump body and ejector : cast iron.

      1 1/4" NPT suction , 1' NPT discharge.

      Built-in overload with automatic reset.

      Stainless steel shaft.

      Maximum Medium Temperature : 140 F.