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    • 0.06-11kW, EPAct Rated, Three Phase (TEFC)
    • 品牌:???wonder


        Flow rate up to 42 L / min.

        Head up to 45 m.

        Max.working pressure : 0.6MPa.

         Max.suction head : 8m.

        Impeller : GFPA--30/brass.

        Mechanical Seal : ceramic and graphite.

        pump boby : cast iron.

        Electric motor : close-coupled to a carefully matched with Wonder single-phase/three phase aluminum motor , quite running , totally enclosed fan cooled(TEFC) , suitable for S1 continuous duty.

        Insulation : Class B.

        Protection : IP44.

        Autojet series pumps is composed of four parts : electric pump , pressure switch , and gate valve , pressure tank. Pressure switch connected with pump could be turned on&off automatically , when excluding range of water supply pressure , according to preestablishing pressure , so the pump could be supplied water automatically. In particular for using in industrial washing , floors of pressurized water supply , and other special occasions of automatic water supply.