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    • 0.06-11kW, EPAct Rated, Three Phase (TEFC)
    • 品牌:???wonder


      WLF Pumps are non-self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal pumps with standard vertical motors and cartridge mechanical seals. WLF Pums of WLF series have advantages in compact structure , light weight , low noise , and attractive appearance. WLF Pumps are easy for maintenance , and they are used in home , industry agriculture and water treatment system.


      WLF Pumps are multifunction products , which transport various substance ranged from tap water to industrial fluid. and these pumps are applicable in changing temperature , flow , pressure , un-corrosive and low-corrosive fluid.

      Water Supply : Water filters and transports in water system , boosting main pipeline and boosting in high-rise buildings.Industrial Boosting : Process flow water system , cleaning system , high-pressure washing system , and fire-fighting system.

      Industrial Liquid Conveying : and air-conditioning system , boiler water supply and condensing system , acids , alkali and salts.

      Water Treatment : Ultra foltration system , reverse osmosis system , distillation system , system , separator , and swimming pool . Irrigation : Farmiand irrigation and dripping.


      1、Vertical structure . Inlet and outlet flanges are on the same central line . Comprct structure , lower space and easy for installation.

      2、Cartridge mechanical seal : more safe , reliable and convenient in assembling , maintenance and operation.

      3、All metal parts in relation to liquid are made of stainless steel , which are non-pollutant , lasting and good-looking.

      4、Perfect precision via coupling to direct connected shaft between motor part and pump.

      5、Lower noise and vibration.

      6、Standard design , widely used.


      Thin , clean , non-inflammable and non-explosive liquid without solid grain or fiber.

      Liquid Temperature:

      Normal Temperature Type : -15℃~+70℃.

      Hot Temperature Type : +70℃~+120℃.

      Ambient Temperature : Up to +40℃.

      Altitude : Up to 1000m.